What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a collaborative, supportive, partnership between the client and coach that promotes mind-body-spirit well-being.  It is a dynamic process, combining action with accountability for practical, client-centered solutions.

Wellness Coaching is guidance and support for many areas of life that include: navigating change, adopting positive lifestyle practices, managing stress, eating healthy, igniting and sustaining creative energy, and cultivating mindfulness for overall well-being.

Wellness Coaching is not therapy.  Coaching is future-oriented and focused on solutions, not on the past.  Coaching is about the client and coach working together to create action-oriented strategies for success.


The Role of the Wellness Coach

In a mindful, collaborative, and supportive way, the coach:


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Wellness Services

A firm believer in the notion that genuine well-being is the equal care of mind, body, and spirit, Kasandra’s integrated wellness approach is tailored to the individual interests and needs of each client. 


Life Style / Life Skills Coaching

Personal Coaching provides us with clarity, guidance, and support in navigating transitions and making the most of change.  It provides us with practical tools, which expands self-awareness of our strengths, as well of habitual patterns that limit us, and helps us to cultivate a positive mindset that is integral to achieving optimal wellness.


Applied Mindfulness Practices

Meditation helps us to develop the skill of paying deliberate attention to our inner and outer experiences with patience, compassion, and acceptance.  Mindfulness meditation in particular, can help manage pain, anxiety, and depression. Benefits also include better mental focus, memory, creative thinking, and improved optimism.

Breathwork comprises a variety of stand-alone techniques that helps us practice focused, deep abdominal breathing.  The benefits of deep breathing include enhanced energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress.


Nutrition Consulting

Mindful Eating Basics is about learning to eat consciously, in a way that supports well-being.  Through enhanced awareness, we learn to recognize our body’s internal cues for hunger and satisfaction, which aids digestion and weight management.

Eating for Vitality and Longevity is a nutritional eating blueprint that combines traditional food wisdoms (based on Chinese nutrition therapy) with modern nutritional science.  This is not a weight-loss diet or a short-term eating program but rather a lifelong way of eating, complimented by an active lifestyle.  Non-inflammatory and plant-based (not vegetarian) in design, Eating for Vitality and Longevity maintains and supports graceful aging for mind, body, and spirit through all stages of life.


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Disclaimer: The information contained throughout this website is for reference and educational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute for a physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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